What do i get in the ‘Starter Kits’ ?

We supply you with ‘everything’ you need to complete the course you have purchased. Melanotan, Disinfectant swabs, Syringes and Sterile Water.

How long will it take to work ?

It all depends on your skin type really, but you will see a difference from between week 1 and week 3, injecting every other day, with a sunbed session every 5 days to accelerate your tan.

What is the quality of your Melanotan 2 ?

Our Melanotan 2 is 99% pure, made in regulated laboritories

How much water do i need to mix in each vial ?

We recommend 1ml of water in each vial. This will then give you 10 injections of 10 units.

How often should i inject ?

We recommend injecting every other day for your ‘loading phase’, and once a week for your ‘maintenance phase’.

Are there any side effects using Melanotan 2 ?

Possible side effects could include flushing, nausea, heightened libido and a slight appetite suppressant. We recommend injecting just before bedtime and after a meal to avoid the possibility of these happening.

What Melanotan ‘Starter Kit’ would you recommend for me ?

It all really depends on your skin type. If you normally take a tan then we would recommend the 20mg Melanotan 2 Starter Kit. However if it normally takes you a while to tan then we recommend the 30mg Melanotan 2 Starter Kit to achieve your desired colour.

Where do i store my Melanotan 2 ?

When mixed with water you store it in the fridge, when it is not mixed keep in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

Does it hurt to inject ?

No, We provide you with highest quality syringes so as to cause no pain.


Where do you ship to ?

We ship to the EU, for people outside this area contact us and we will look how we can get the product too you