Melanotan 2



  • SUNLESS TAN – A perfect solution to your skin, for sunless tanning, making you look like a bronze god!

  • FORGET UV – Yes, with Melanotan II, you need not sit out in the sun and get exposed to those hazardous ultra-violet rays for hours together!

  • NATURAL TANNING – Melanotan II is an excellent stimulator, reciprocating very fast because of its natural tanning technique!

  • STIMULATING RESPONSE TIME – The response of Melanotan II with respect to your body is so fast that you will get a complete refreshed look, within no time!


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Melanotan II is a substitute of the Melanocortin Peptide Hormone, which is available in nature. The important property of this hormone is to produce darkening pigmentation in the skin called Melanogenesis! After using it, your skin will glow rusty bronze giving you a perfect tan irrespective of the weather outside – dry, stale or rainy! Giving an absolute assurance about the improvement in looks!



1 x 10mg Vial of Melanotan 2


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